Stop Comparing Yourself to Others- Just Be YOU!

It is so hard these days to be content with our own lives. Every time we sign on to social media we see photos of people getting engaged, getting married, announcing pregnancies, having babies, parading their babies around in a cute manner, travel photos, and on and on and on. People have been comparing their lives to others for years though. That is where the “grass isn’t always greener on the other side” phrase came from. Nowadays, it is just more in our faces. Most people aren’t posting about the hardships or the fights or the sleepless nights or the stress or depression, because that doesn’t get “likes.” So, instead people post only the good things. They want people to only see their milestones and their achievements, because it makes them look good.

Unfortunately, as a result, those of us who aren’t doing so well and have nothing exciting to post are forced to stare at their photos and statuses and compare ourselves to them. We say to ourselves, why am I not getting married, when will I ever have kids, I want to travel like that, everyone else is having such a good time but not me. These comments are detrimental to our psyche. When we start to think that everyone is having a better life than us, we get depressed. What we aren’t seeing though is that for every good picture or status the other person posts, there are plenty of hardships and challenges they aren’t posting. Social Media allows people to put up a facade of pure success and happiness.

No one’s life is perfect! We all go through ups and downs. Some of the richest people in the world are the most depressed. If we keep comparing ourselves to others, we are never going to be able to enjoy the beautiful life that we have before us. If you are in a happy relationship, but you see all your friends posting photos of their escapades across the world, don’t dump your boyfriend to go join them. Instead, value the healthy relationship you have and if you want to travel bring it up to your partner and see if you can plan an adventure together. More times than none, your friends are having a great time traveling, but also are envious of your healthy relationship.

Instead of listing all the things you wish you had done, make a list of all the things you want to do in the future. Don’t live with regrets that you didn’t live your life like someone else. Everyone has their own paths in life and you got to where you are today, because of all the choices that  you made. You can’t change the past, so don’t dwell on it, just work hard to make your future more exciting.

Stop comparing yourself and start loving yourself. Start celebrating your own life. Find the things that make you happy and do them more often. Make a list of all the things that are going well in your life, of all your accomplishments and all the things you have done. If you haven’t done that much yet, start doing stuff and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Your life is based on your chooses. Choose the life that makes you happiest. Forget about what everyone else is doing. You can’t live their life and if you knew the truth of their life, you may not want to live it. Just be you!! Just love you! And make choices that enhance your life.


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