Valentine’s Day Should Become Random Act of Kindness Day!

I’ve never really liked Valentine’s Day. It might have something to do with almost always being single on the holiday and seeing everyone in their happy relationships being lovey dovey. I also just felt like, why do we need a day to remind us to be loving towards those in our lives that we care about. Why not be loving every day? Also, it isn’t fair to those who are single and have no one to buy them flowers or candy or tell them that they love them. Of course, each year my mom would send me a card, but I would feel extra lame knowing my parents would be my only Valentines. I propose that instead of having a day to where you show the people in your life that you love them (because that should happen regardless), we instead shower complete strangers with love and random acts of kindness.

Even though, the past two years I have been with an amazing partner and we are engaged this year, I think that it is more important to show all human beings that you love them. You never know how someone is feeling, especially on a loaded day like today. If you see someone sitting alone at the bus stop looking lonely, sit by them and strike up a conversation. Give them a compliment. Hold a door open for someone behind you. Offer to carry an elderly or disabled person’s groceries or bags. Leave a card in the mailbox for your mail carrier. Write an uplifting thought like, “you are beautiful,” and leave it on the bathroom mirror at the gym. Do something to make people that you don’t know, feel loved.

You never know if your smile could save someone’s life. People are out there walking around, feeling so alone and unloved, that suicide feels like the only answer. You could change that for them without even knowing it. Just say hello on the street, tell them they look great, smile at them, just make their day better. Random acts of kindness are so simple, yet they can make a world of difference for someone who needs to know they are loved. We aren’t all so lucky to have caring parents like mine, who would send me a card every year. Some people are estranged from their family or they grew up in the foster system. You never know someone’s situation.

We living such trying times these days, with the political climate, that a lot of people are living in fear. So, if you stand up for a Muslim who is being mistreated or a black person who is being attacked, it could save their life. We are all human beings and everyone deserves love. We as humans need to stand up for our fellow man and woman and not let discrimination happen. We can make someone feel safe by sitting by them on the bus and not letting someone attack them. You can show your love by walking a woman home when it is unsafe for them.

Think about all the small acts you can do that would mean a great difference to the person you have chosen to help. So forget about moping around or celebrating with cheesy gifts on this Valentine’s Day and go out there and make a difference in someone’s life by treating them like they are human and deserve love just like everyone else. Happy Random Act’s of Kindness Day!


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