How to Beat the Unemployment/Post Travel Blues!

I’ll never regret quitting a job to travel, but it’s returning afterwards that is always super tough. It’s easy to get depressed when you go from traveling and seeing and doing new and exciting things every day to sitting at home applying to jobs and being broke. I’ve been in this situation twice and it never feels good. After how down I felt the last time, I’m determined to stay positive this time around.

Here’s my solution to the unemployment/post travels blues:

  1. Set yourself a deadline for when you switch gears from finding the dream job and just find temporary work to survive.
  2. Create positive mantras like “this too shall pass, “what’s meant to be will be,” “good things are coming my way,” etc.
  3. Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day and repeat your mantra in your head. It’s ok if your mind isn’t silent, let your feelings come to the surface and release them.
  4. Do yoga! I know only a few moves, but just getting up and doing some stretches and deep breathing helps my mental health.
  5. Go for walks around your neighborhood and just be present. It’s not good to stay in the house all day and wallow. Get out and get some fresh air and exercise!
  6. Eat healthy! What you eat will impact how good or bad you feel. Also while you’re unemployed, you don’t want to add to your stress by gaining weight.
  7. Create a positive playlist of songs that boost your mood. Listening to sad music won’t help. Put on some uplifting tunes with positive messages to make you hopeful.
  8. Be a tourist in your own city or town. Take the public bus, walk around downtown, take cheesy pictures of touristy spots, and just rediscover why you love where you live. Note: if you realize you hate where you live then apply for jobs out of state and move!
  9. Find a hobby or focus on one you already have. Knit, dance, run, sing, write, just take this time to throw yourself into something you love. You’ve got all this time on your hands so why not be productive. Distract yourself!
  10. Apply to at least one job a day. Use Indeed or Idealist. Spruce up your resume and be actively applying as much as possible until the right job swoops you off your feet!

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