Keep it Simple and Still Eat Healthy!

Now that I’m getting the hang of cooking, I’m started to learn how to improvise recipes on my own. Sure these recipes I’ve been making are delicious, but they require a lot of ingredients, a lot of prep time and a lot of money. This isn’t going to be easy to keep up when we have children. So, I’ve decided to keep it simple whenever possible, but also keep it healthy. Less is more!

Lately, I’ve been roasting a lot of veggies and just serving them with fish or meat. It’s healthy and delicious! The other week, we had frozen tilapia and some leftover roasted veggies we brought to a party the night before. We wrapped the fish in tin foil and added some butter, olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika. We baked it with the leftover roasted sweet potatoes, beets, brussel sprouts, and potatoes for 20 minutes. It was perfect! Easy and healthy!

Right now we are in that final week before I get paid again and currently living on just my income, so spending a lot of money on food is out of the question. We already had chicken breasts in the freezer, a sweet potato left over from two weeks ago, and fresh rosemary and thyme. I bought a few brussel sprouts to add, but nothing else.

We cubed the chicken and sweet potatoes and cut the brussel sprouts in half. Put them all in a big ziploc freezer bag. Pour in olive oil, a spoonful of fresh pesto, fresh rosemary and thyme leaves, and salt, pepper, and paprika. My husband shook it all up until everything was marinaded. Then we poured the contents onto a cookie sheet on foil and spread it evenly. We baked it at 350 for 35 minutes and it came out moist and delicious.

Cooking healthy doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming! Three simple ingredients and some herbs and oil and voila you’ve got a healthy meal! I’m glad this process is getting easier! I still enjoy the elaborate meals, but not when I’m busy.


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