The Calm Before the Storm

I have 5.5 weeks to go if little man stays in there until his due date. I’m relatively calm at the moment. Part of me feels that feeling you get at the end of the school year right before the finals. You know this huge test is coming, but that as soon as you finish it you’re free for the summer. Free to sleep on your back, drink a glass of wine to relax, and attempt to wear the clothes you put aside all year. But the reality is Pregnancy isn’t like that.

Pregnancy is only the beginning. At the end of those 9 (really 10) months of sacrifice, your commitments don’t just end. You aren’t suddenly thrust into freedom when that last final test of labor is over. Instead, you’re just starting a brand new chapter of life. Freedom will never mean the same thing again.

You may be free of the growing belly, lack of clothes that fit (if you’re lucky), and the body aches, but you are trading them in for other chains. You’re not going to regain the ability to sleep at least for 10 years. Your breasts will now be slaves to constant milking until you decide to stop. You’ll never be able to pee or shower in peace or sit quietly reading a book or meditating.

Pregnancy is the easy part no matter how challenging it can feel. This sense of calm washing over me is a precursor to the magnificent storm coming to rattle my branches and electrify my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for what’s next. I just have this eerie feeling as I sip one of my final cups of chai in peace sitting alone at the café. It’s coming…he’s coming…enjoy all those lasts in preparation for all those firsts. Your life is about to change!


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