That First Ultrasound

Words can’t describe how happy we felt to see our baby for the first time this weekend! For six weeks now we’ve known a baby was growing inside of me, but it didn’t feel real. I felt it every time I got nauseous or exhausted, but was I really growing a baby inside my uterus?

This weekend we got to see our baby twice. The first time at my checkup with the doctor on Friday. It was a little miracle watching it wiggle around in there and seeing that white beating heart through its skin. Then on Sunday, I got a proper ultrasound at Radiology and saw our baby kicking its feet as it reclined on its back. It looked so real with its little eyes and nose. I just wanted to hold it!

Pregnancy is scary, but also so magical. Now that I know that little guy or gal are really in there, I feel reassured that this is really happening. It’s been a tough journey so far full of anxiety attacks as I questioned whether I would miscarry or if that pain on my left side meant it was ectopic. Now I know everything is okay in there and I’m so relieved!!

I can’t wait for this baby to get bigger and bigger so I can feel it moving and kicking those feet!


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