Goodbye Sleep, See You in Ten Years!

I’ve always had a fickle relationship with sleep since I was 18 years old. I have a chronic bladder condition that wakes me in the night to pee even if I am on the heaviest sleeping drugs. It would ebb and flow though. Some nights depending on stress level and what I ate that day or drank, I would get up every hour to pee. Other nights if I wasn’t stressed and was tired enough, I could sleep until 5am before getting up. Now that I’m pregnant those good nights have flown out the window with my sanity.

Now I’m lucky to get a solid hour of sleep. Between waking up to pee constantly and tossing and turning to find the best position, I rarely get 4 hours of sleep. I used to be able to at least pop a Benadryl or take a CBD Indica candy to help me get longer stints of sleep. When you’re pregnant you definitely can’t have marijuana and Benadryl isn’t good in the first trimester. So I’m left with restless nights and days that drag as I’m completely exhausted.

I’m praying 2nd trimester I will at least be able to sleep, because 3rd trimester you’re huge and the baby sits on your bladder. Then it’s all over when the baby arrives. I guess this is nature’s way of preparing mothers for the constant cries of their baby waking them every hour. If there’s one thing I’m prepared to not do for a long time it’s sleep! Hopefully when my child is older I’ll get sleep again, but then again we want a second child.

So excuse me while I become a complete zombie who also is allergic to coffee! Sorry I’m obviously very excited to be a mother, but it’s hard to show enthusiasm when you’re tired.


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