Women Can’t Win

The deck has always been stacked against us. Women, no matter how hard we try, will always fail in societies eyes. I don’t know if it goes way back to the idea that Eve ate the apple or started before the bible was written, but women can’t win. Society is designed in such a way that no matter we do or be, we are just wrong. So why even give a fuck, honestly!

Let’s run down the list of all the ways we are wrong and at then at the end let’s burn this list to the ground and say fuck them all, shall we!?

Let’s start when we were born: you’re sweet and sensitive- too prissy, a princess! You’re bold and tough- tomboy, possible lesbian, not feminine enough.

You’re interested in boys- you’re boy crazy. You could give two fucks about boys- you’re going to die alone, a spinster or a dreaded cat lady. Or godforbid you love women- you don’t know what you’re missing.

Now, entering school or work: You’re sweet, quiet, and kind- you’re going to get walked all over and will never be a leader. You’re outspoken, bold, and confident- you’re a bitch!

How about sex- you love it and have sex freely- you’re a slut. You want to wait for marriage or save it for the right one- you’re a prude.

Want birth control to protect yourself from teen pregnancy or godforbid to plan your pregnancy- no way that’s slutty and against god’s will. Get pregnant too young and can’t support the baby- don’t get an abortion or you’re a killer but also don’t try to raise the baby on your own or everyone will judge you for getting pregnant too young.

Do you want kids? Yes, I would love some. Society says you must have them at an appropriate age between 25 and 30. If you have them too early, you fucked up your life and it’s definitely not the boys fault who knocked you up. Have them too late and you’re geriatric and should put your ovaries in a nursing home at age 35.

Decide you don’t want kids- hell no you are selfish. How could you skip this part of a woman’s role! You are worthless without your reproductive qualities.

Have children and want to stay home with them- you lack ambition and drive. That isn’t a job. Your kids will think women aren’t capable of anything but motherhood. Have children and want to work- who will raise your kids!? Mother’s who work aren’t nurturing and shouldn’t be moms if they refuse to stay home. You’re a bad mom for caring about yourself in any way. But let me remind you that if you’re exhausted and overworked in either choice, a little self care will cure your right up.

Need I go on? Women we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t and the most frustrating thing is other women judging women. That needs to stop! Women we need to stand up for each other and know agree that all choices a woman makes are valid and right for her. Let’s stop letting society tell us we are wrong for every choice we make.

If we can’t win, I say fuck it just do what you want and do it proudly with a big middle finger waving high in the sky for all to see. For godsakes: we are women and we can do it all and be it all!! So go do you and don’t worry about the haters!!


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