I Am Worthy!

Last night I couldn’t sleep again for what feels like the umpteeth time. In my anxiety fueled insomnia, I attempted to repeat a mantra to myself. It was simply, “I am worthy!”

I am worthy of praise.

I am worthy of the love of others and of self love.

I am worthy of that raise.

I am worthy of a promotion.

I am worthy of my dream job.

I am worthy of good friends.

I am worthy of a loving partner.

I am worthy of a break.

I am worthy of happiness.

I am worthy of accolades.

I am worthy of my own hard earned success.

I am worthy of a life worth living.

I am worthy. You are worthy. Women are worthy.

We need to value ourselves more. Know your worth and fight for it. So many times we accept the cards we are dealt in life, when we know we are worthy of so much more.

I have such a hard time accepting compliments or praise. It makes me squirm. Then if I get a little bit confident and boastful, I shame myself later for being proud of myself. I constantly have to remind myself of how much I have achieved, so I don’t feel like I’ve done nothing deserving of praise.

I am worthy and so are you! Own it! Wear it proudly lady! Let’s start to acknowledge our own worth, so we stop hanging around in that bad job too long, that bad relationship too long, or with friends who take us for granted.

Be proud, unapologetic, and show your worth. I know I need to! No more minimizing myself. No more saying sorry when someone knocks into me. Girls are taught to not take up space and stay out of the way. Well, let’s start taking up space! Let’s start pushing for the salary we want, the raise we have earned, and that promotion we deserve!

Let’s start honoring our worthiness!


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