Never Enough Time!

There’s never enough time in life for all the things I want to do. Ever since we turned the clocks forward for Daylight savings time, I have been cursing the fact that we lost another hour. I already feel like I am strapped for time and you want to steal another precious hour from me. Seriously though, can we all agree this practice is pointless by now?!

I never have enough time to write this blog, let alone keep a journal. I never have enough time to edit my writing after it’s finally written, so please don’t judge my typos and grammar. I never have enough time to promote my posts, so please share them for me.

I never have enough time to sleep in even on the weekends, when my husband gets up with the kids. I never have enough time to go to bed early, because my 3 year old stays up until 10pm and then my bedtime routine takes 20 minutes and then I talk to my husband for the first time all day and we watch the news before passing out at 11pm.

I never have enough time to get my work done between the hours of 9:30 and 3:30, when we drop off and pick up my son from daycare. Between the meetings, the to-do lists that keep getting pushed to the next day and get longer and longer, and that pesky thing called breaks that I need to take from my computer to eat, stretch, pee and stay sane.

I never have enough time to snuggle, read, and play with my kids. First they grow up so fast, one second I am nuzzling my newborn and next thing he is tackling me on the couch and just turned 3. How can I slow him down? I had a second one to repeat the baby phase and now he is already 5 months old and I don’t know where the time has gone.

Not only that, but I have to work so I get to snuggle them for one hour in the morning while they eat breakfast before school or handing baby off to my mom. Then I get them for four hours in the evening before bed. That time feels both way too long and exhausting after a long day at work, and also way too fast once they are snug in their beds and I already miss them. I could be a stay at home mom, but we can’t afford it. I also don’t know if I could handle entertaining my toddler that long while also watch my baby. I can’t win!

There’s never enough time to eat my food slowly, rather than scarf it down fast enough to play with my kids or nurse the baby, or get to the office, a meeting, or daycare. There’s never enough time to drink my tea before it gets cold. I usually heat it up two times, forget it in the microwave, then decide to drink it cold right before noon.

There’s never enough time for adventures on the weekends or vacations, which are limited by PTO. Never enough time for Sunday morning cartoons, snow days, and sunshine, and the in between.

There’s never enough time to binge my favorite shows, read a good book, or listen to my favorite song on repeat and dance like no one is watching. There’s never enough time to get back into salsa dancing after I abandoned the hobby 8 years ago when I met my husband. In fact, there’s never enough time for hobbies in general-new ones and old ones.

There’s never enough time to learn a new language, listen to that podcast I keep hearing about, or study a new subject. I wonder if I will ever have enough time to go back to school for my PhD in Anthropology.

There’s never enough time for Saturday afternoon drives with no destination in mind. There’s never enough time to take a long shower, cut my toenails, or go get my bangs trimmed.

There’s never enough time for long phone calls with old friends, so instead you just have a long chain of texts full of memes and gifs about motherhood. There’s never enough time for Last Call or Happy Hour on a weeknight.

There’s never enough time to write a letter, send a card, or respond to that email you keep resetting as unread. There’s never enough time to write that second book I planned to pen after our honeymoon in 2018.

There’s never enough time for sunsets, sunrises, and long kisses. There’s never enough time for deep hugs and therapy and therapeutic massage.

There’s never enough time while the baby naps to complete the long list of things I want to get done like shower, relax, sweep the house, relax, clean the bathrooms, relax, do the dishes, relax, catch up on my shows, vacuum the kids bedrooms, send that text I thought I sent but never did, and of course relax (or take that nap I promised myself when I got up way too early this morning)!

There’s never enough time to dust away the cobwebs, scrub the shower tiles, clean the junk drawer out, go through my clothes and the kids to donate what we don’t wear, or any of those tasks that take lots of free time.

Anyway, you get the point. I definitely do a lot of these things, but when I get that break with friends or that shower alone, I waste it thinking about the other things I need to do. I feel guilty I am not at home with my kids or finishing that report.

So can I please have that hour back Daylight Savings?


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