Pregnancy Brain is Legit

Moms and moms-to-be know exactly what I mean when I say pregnancy brain. It affects everyone differently, but don’t let anyone question whether it is real. I used to be super sharp. I could remember dates, names, and facts without calendars or notes. Now my brain is completely unreliable due to pregnancy brain.

This is not some excuse made up by pregnant women. This has been a real struggle for me the past nine months and has only gotten worse and worse as I got further into my pregnancy. It is almost scary sometimes like you’re getting dementia.

It started with just mixing up the time of appointments then escalated to almost burning down our house. Prior to pregnancy I could always depend on my memory to keep track of my husband’s and my calendar. My husband isn’t good at remembering things unless they are written down, so he normally depends on me. Now it’s like the blind leading the blind.

First, I forgot the time of our Easter brunch insisting it was at 9:30am then we showed up late because it started at 9am. I insisted they changed the time and didn’t tell us, because I refused to believe I was wrong. Turns out I was. Then I forgot almost everyone’s name at my work’s gala and it’s my job to remember all the donors I solicited. I was so embarrassed.

Then I started forgetting assignments, plans with friends, and important dates. Next came, locking my keys in the car right before an important meeting. Hitting an approaching car as I left a parking lot, because I spaced out at the wheel. I started losing and misplacing things too.

I lost my glasses for three days in the house and found them in the bathroom cabinet with my hairdryer. I’ve lost two pairs of sunglasses god knows where. I thought I lost my name tag for work until it showed up in a dress coat pocket. Several times I’ve left my keys in the front door over night and not realized they were missing until I opened the door to leave.

I hosted my own baby shower and forgot to play any of the planned games or open the gifts and we remembered to cut the cake after half the guests left. Sometimes it’s silly harmless stuff that I can just get a good laugh about like leaving my house for a work event in my slippers.

Then two weeks ago, we got home from a concert and I went into the kitchen to discover I left our gas burner on low for the past 7 hours. Luckily nothing was near it to catch on fire. I seriously feel like an elderly parent with dementia and my husband has to trail behind me to make sure I don’t do anything careless.

People joke about pregnancy brain, but what a sacrifice us women have to give to grow a baby. We literally lose brain cells with each child. I just pray I get my brain power back. I know the cells are lost forever, but I find this so frustrating. How are we meant to function and go back to work post birth? I really value being sharp and having a great memory. Will I ever get this back?

Have I just sacrificed more of myself than bargained for? Of course, I’m excited to be a mom, but I want to be smart, quick, and on top of things like before. Tell me mons does it ever get better!?


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